2016 Antenna Launcher Contest

Jul 16, 2016

The contest, originally scheduled to occur during Field Day, had to be rescheduled because club members were still setting up operating stations and ran out of time.  They gathered after the July club meeting and really had a blast!

The two events the members competed were for accuracy and distance.  Kyle Wayne Goodson N5KWG was the official judge.  Ralf Vopel KF5WGB won the distance event, and Danny Richard KG5ESG won the accuracy contest.

Jerry Goodson W5BFF competed for distance, but came up short.  Bobby Brownlee WB5OSD competed in the accuracy event using a slingshot, but couldn't quite get his bullet far enough to the target.  

Spectators at the event include Steve Rogers AF5JR, Ronnie Rumsey KA5LEK, Arthur Christy KF5VWN, Russell Jarosinski KG5NUQ, Sherlene Vopel KG5CWZ, Ladonna Goodson KG5GMC (the photographer), Cody Goodson KG5HGA, and Bubba Goodson KG5HFZ.

After the competition, the spectators were allowed to shoot the various launchers that were brought to the event.  Arthur Christy KF5VWN shot 3 tennis balls at once out of the same tube.  

The antenna launchers used by Ralf KF5WGB and Danny KG5ESG are sold by Ralf for $199 ($150 to club members).  For information, you can contact Ralf.  His email address is good on QRZ.com.

The winning prize for each of the two events was an individual one-year paid membership to the American Radio Relay League donated by a club member.