It's Logical! New Newsletter Feature

Oct 26, 2016

"There's a lot of logic that is evaluated in the script for each member," said Jerry A. Goodson W5BFF.  "The idea came to me when I discovered a couple of members' amateur radio license had expired, and they didn't even know it."

The script systematically checks information and generates the appropriate responses when the newsletter is generated.  It's automated and personalized to each recipient.

First, the script checks the amateur radio license.  If the recipient is not a licensed amateur radio operator, a link to our Training Resources section is presented, along with encouragement to study for, and pass the examination.

If the recipient is a licensed amateur radio operator, basic license information is presented.  The script checks the expiration date.  The recipient is alerted if the license is up for renewal or expired.  If the recipient has less than an Amateur Extra class license, a link to our Training Resources section is provided with encouragement to test and upgrade.

After all checks with the license are complete, the script moves on to check club membership status.  If the recipient is not a club member, the script terminates.  If the recipient is a club member, the script checks the expiration and membership level, then provides the appropriate response.  If a membership is expired, the recipient is encouraged to renew their membership.  If the membership is current, the recipients gets a check mark and is notified the duration of their current membership.

Finally, if the recipient is a club member, their status as a member of the ARRL is checked based on the information in the RACC club database.

"The RACC is an ARRL Affiliated Club, and we encourage our members to support the ARRL," explained Goodson.  We don't want to 'shame' or 'pressure' anybody, so the system is designed to discreetly encourage membership.  The club is expected to file an annual report with the ARRL, and the system makes that process easier.  Ultimately, this script was written for benefit of each recipient.  It's a unique benefit of receiving the RACC Newsletter that I haven't seen anywhere else."