RACC Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2016


President Jerry Goodson W5BFF opened the meeting by welcoming members and guests.  After the opening prayer, each person present introduced themselves.  Former club member and area ham Thomas Hatcher WD5DTG is SK.

Chaplain Roger Fouse KB5ROD offered our opening prayer.



I will not make the meeting. We are going to Muenster for my Sister and her Husband's 65 Wedding Celebration.

Bank Balance $1,847.85
Breakfast $73.82

I had Cataract Surgery on Tuesday and doing very well.

Cletus D. N5XFB

*** Jerry W5BFF has $40 in membership dues from Myron W6TUG and Connie KA5TKL to turn in to Cletus.


Jerry W5BFF read the meeting minutes for the March 2016 meeting.

The check for $200 for the club liability insurance has been mailed, and the policy went into effect on April 1.  A copy of the policy summary proving coverage is available on request.

Nelton Humphries N5HAB announced the money raised by the drawing is going to help maintain the repeaters.


The Vice-President position is now vacant.  In accordance with the club constitution and bylaws, we will open the floor up to take nominations and hold a special election at our next regular club meeting.  

A new website for the club is currently under development.  A link was included in the last newsletter so that members could preview the new site and offer feedback.

Jerry Goodson W5BFF announced he had turned in everything to the ARRL to obtain his VE credentials.  Once the ARRL approves the application, there will be testing after each meeting again.


Tevis Pappas talked about the upcoming Fly-In at the airport on May 21.  The date on the original flyer was listed as May 22, and the corrected date was announced.  Tevis asked for volunteers from the club to help with various aspects of the fly-in that will be hosted at the airport immediately following the RACC club meeting next month.

Field Day 2016 planning is under way.  POC is Kyle Wayne KG5HFY.  He can be reached at kg5hfy@gmail.com or call his mom's cellphone number at 903-799-9901 after school.


Jim Collom N5YU commended everybody who participated with the Skywarn Net on the Freedom Link System this past Monday.  The new MTR-2000 repeater on Cussetta Mountain runs on 28v.  Cussetta Mountain is the only site that is running lead acid batteries for backup because Smitty bought them before we received the Ni-Cds.  A lead acid battery on Cussettta Mountain went out, but it was still under warranty, so he and Nelton Humphries N5HAB replaced it.  

The Prescott repeater is ready for deployment.  The Freedom Link Group doesn't currently have a repeater site for Prescott, but J.B. Davis N5THS suggested an available spot in Amity area, just north of Prescott.  That area is being considered because of the high terrain.

The Nashville repeater was using a home made repeater controller with opto-couplers.  The repeater has a distinctive "burst" in the repeater tail.  They have an RLC Club Deluxe controller in the rack, but they are taking their time to make sure everything is correctly configured before it goes online.  There is a little confusion with the Nashville repeater because they use dual PL tones... one tone for local traffic, and the other tone for link traffic.  This may cause people on other repeaters in the FLG to only hear half a conversation.

The ARCOS group ordered a Club Deluxe II repeater controller for the 146.760 repeater.  It was originally supposed to be shipped to Smitty, but Jim called to arrange the repeater to be shipped to him.  They still had Jim's office address in Clinton, AR, so it had to be traced to Little Rock to be redirected to his house here in Atlanta.  This will bring the 76 machine on the link full time.  The Freedom Link will still connect to the 67 machine for area weather nets, and the full time connection to the 76 machine will allow the connection to be brought up from Shreveport.

We're still waiting for the tower climber to do the antenna work Sulphur Springs.  Jim has the duplexers, and will drop them off on Tuesday.


Caleb James gave a brief overview of the High Altitude Balloon project that was part of the BLAST after-school program at the Atlanta Middle School.  Jerry W5BFF finished up by explaining the data collection achieved by the project and the failure of the GPS and recover of the module.


The monthly drawing is for:

Baofeng Dual Band HT - Winner:  Jeff Bickham KG5LFQ

Baofeng Dual Band HT - Winner:  Joe Harrison 

Yaesu FT-2900 - Winner:  Arthur Christy KF5VWN


After the meeting closed, we counted $68 in donations to the breakfast fund.  

Jeff Weigand KF5IKK paid $20 membership dues.

Jeff Brown KA5IVU paid $20 membership dues.

Ralf Vopel KF5WGB paid the $10 difference for the family membership for his wife, Sherlene.

Jerry Goodson W5BFF is still holding $20 for Myron Malchin W6TUG membership and $20 for Connie Wise KA5TKL membership dues that were paid last month.