September 2017

From the Editor:  Jerry A. Goodson W5BFF

Greetings hams, prospective hams, and SHOULD BE (you know who you are!) hams.

The ham radio hobby sure is hopping in these parts!  Shreveport is over, Mena is over, but ARCOS is still coming up, and I'm looking forward to piggin' out on catfish!  The Texas QSO Party is next weekend (23 & 24 September), and the boys are planning on operating from our QTH this year.  

Amidst all of the radioing, it's FOOTBALL SEASON!  How 'bout them RABBITS! :)  

This weekend is our regularly scheduled meeting, and we'll have the usual pancakes and sausage.  We'll also have our regular drawings for the Yaesu FTM-3100 and Baofeng dual-band H/T.  I look forward to hearing you on the RACC/Freedom Link Wide-Area Net tonight, and I'll see you on Saturday!


-=Jerry A. Goodson=- W5BFF

P.S. All of us Goodsons have won the "big radio" drawing except Dylan "Bubba" N5APP.  We've bought $20 worth of tickets each meeting, and split them evenly among ourselves until we won... now, Bubba will have a whole $20 worth of tickets to himself!

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Cass and Morris County ARES Revived

Danny Richard KG5ESG was appointed the new ARES Emergency Coordinator for Cass and Morris County on June 21. Danny got to work on implementing a county emergency communications plan for the counties. Jim Collom N5YU donated a dedicated ARES repeater that provides wide coverage for both counties.

Looking for Members

Participation in ARES nets is open to all licensed amateur radio operators, regardless of membership status with any organization (club, ARES, or ARRL), with appropriate operating privileges.  However, deployment to sensitive areas require additional training and credentialing.  

If you are interested in rewarding participation in the public service aspect of amateur radio, please visit http://www.arrlntx.org/join-ares and download the application to join the Cass and Morris County ARES organization.  Completed applications can be given to Danny Richard KG5ESG or Jerry Goodson W5BFF at a regular RACC Club Meeting.  

Emergency Communications

The Freedom Link provides the best resource in the region for hazardous weather nets (SKYWARN).   ARES goes beyond weather nets to provide communications support during events, emergencies, and disasters.  ARES operators operate from their home stations, as well as hospitals, shelters, command posts, and other field assignments as necessary.  

Public Service Honor Roll

ARES members who complete so much training and service are eligible for recognition by the ARRL in QST Magazine in their Public Service Honor Roll.  Amateur Radio isn't just fun, but rewarding, as well.  


Freedom Link Group Repeaters

“Linking Radio Communications Across The Four States Area” 
Contact Jim Collom, N5YU
The Freedom Link Group on www.repeaterbook.com
View Freedom Link Group Repeaters on Google Maps

Freq. ENC / DEC Input Call Location
145.110 100.0 / * 144.510 WX5FL Sulphur Springs
* The 145.110 repeater at Sulphur Springs does not transmit a tone, so make sure your radio is programmed for "ENC" only on that frequency.
145.170 100.0 / 100.0 144.570 WX5FL Karnack (Pickin's Hill)
145.190 151.4 / 151.4 144.590 WX5FL Bi-County ARES (Cass and Morris County)
The 145.190 repeater is a wide coverage area stand-alone repeater that is not linked with any other repeater.
145.310 100.0 / 100.0
88.5 / 100.0 or CSQ
131.8 / 100.0 or CSQ
144.710 WX5FL Atlanta (Springdale)
Caver Ranch RCO
Downtown RCO
145.370 136.5 / 136.5 144.770 W5WVH Tyler ** Not yet linked
145.390 100.0 / 100.0 144.790 WX5FL Texarkana (Barkman Creek)
145.450 136.5 / 136.5 144.850 WX5FL Kilgore
145.470 136.5 / 136.5 144.870 WX5FL Avinger (Lake O' The Pines)
146.640 136.5 / 136.5 146.040 K5LET Longview (East Mountain)
146.760 186.2 / 186.2 146.160 N5SHV Shreveport
146.840 100.0 / 100.0 146.240 WX5FL Marietta (Cussetta Mountain)
146.900 100.0 / 100.0 146.300 WX5FL McLeod / Huffines
147.045 107.2 / 94.8 * 147.645 N5THS Nashville (H.E.A.R. Club)
* For local traffic only, use 94.8 / 94.8.
147.100 136.5 / 136.5 147.700 WX5FL Quitman 
147.360 151.4 / 151.4 147.960 WX5FL Pittsburg (Midway)
444.425 100.0 / 100.0 448.425 WX5FL Texarkana (Barkman Creek)

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