August 15, 1992


The Shreveport Hamfest was very nice and there was lots of new and used equipment for sale.  Several of our members picked up new gear and everyone enjoyed visiting with other hams in our area.  Some of the equipment picked up included John - N5YYK with a Yaesu 747 and electronic keyer, Don - N5PYB picked up a Speedex keyer, Lynn - N5VTJ, computer equipment, Carol - KB5TCH, MFJ Terminal Node Controller, Ben Swint picked up a 2-meter antenna and several other members picked up miscellaneous items.  I picked up a couple of H.F. mobile antennas which look remarkably like a fishing pole, so one member tells me.  Hi.

Bill - N5RRN, participated in the Amateur Television Forum.  Bill transmitted via ATV from Marshall to Shreveport with extremely good video quality.  Bill has volunteered to make a presentation on ATV at one of our meetings this year.  This will be a very interesting program and we look forward to Bill visiting with us soon.



The next membership meeting will be at the Hot Biscuit at 9:00 A.M., Saturday, August 2, 1992.  We will be in the banquet room where we normally meet.  Please try to come by a little early and eat breakfast with us.  We normally get there about 8:30 A.M. and go through the breakfast buffet.  We are tentatively planning to have the monthly meetings on the third Saturday of each month for the remainder of 1992.  Here are the tentative meeting dates, and the location will be at the Hot Biscuit:

August 22
September 19
October 17
November 21
December 19



The Diamond antenna for the repeater has arrived and as soon as the weather cools off we will be making plans to place it in operation.  We are having inversions on 2 meters and all of the local repeaters have experienced problems with the characteristics association with summer conditions.  Typically July and August are the worst months for these conditions so relief should be just around the corner.



The V.E. Team plans to conduct a test session in August.  We have three members close to being ready for the code test and one or two others ready for written exams.  If you know of any one who would like to take a test in August, please have them give me a call at 796-3630.  We will announce the actual test date on the repeater when the exact date and location is set.  Jewl Endsley and Jim Collom have made application to become Volunteer Examiners and will be joining the V.E. team soon.



The August net will be conducted on THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, at 8:00 P.M..  We plan to have the net on Thursday nights preceding the monthly meetings for the remainder of this year.

The tentative net nights for the rmainder of the year will be as follows:

August 20
September 17
October 15
November 19
December 17

We had over 20 check-in's for July which was outstanding participation.  Your support of the net is appreciated and we really look forward to hearing from everyone on the monthly net.



Robert - N5ZJB, completed the caps with the club call sign on them and the first dozen is about gone.  If you would like one of the caps please contact Robert or me and we will arrange to get one for you.  They are white with black lettering and really turned out good.  Robert put in some hard work arranging for the club caps to be made and we really appreciate his efforts.

Gary - N5UIU, is chairman of the raffle committee and will be calling on us to assist in selling tickets.  Current plans are to have several prizes including a nice HT (maybe a dual bander), an antenna tuner, and another item or two.  Gary will bring us up on the status of the raffle at the next meeting.

Ben Swint and Kathy Taylor survived the long six-week wait for their ticket to arrive.  Kathy is KB5UOA and Ben is KB5UOB.  Congratulations to both of you and we look forward to hearing these new call signs on the 98 machine.

Please don't forget the net on Thursday, August 20 and the general membership meeting on SATURDAY, AUGUST 22.



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