RACC Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2015

1. WELCOME – Vice President Jerry Goodson W5BFF welcomed members and visitors.  

Unofficially, this is who I recorded as present:  KK5PR, N5THQ, KG5GZH, KF5VWN, AF5JR, KF5WGB, KD5RQB, KB5TCH, KA5IVU, KG5IKM, KB5ROD, N5YU, KG5ESG, KF5IKK, KA5LEK, KB5JDT, KB5VOF, KF5WSU, KF5WSW, W5BFF, KG5GMC, KG5HGA, KG5HFZ, KG5HFY, Bill Collum, Jim Swint, Paul Tucich, and Norman Moorehead

2. OPENING PRAYER – Chaplain Roger Fouse KB5ROD offered our opening prayer

3. TREASURERS REPORT – Mr. Cletus N5XFB was not present, so Vice President Goodson reported we had 60 members in July and the balance as of the end of July was $1562.85.  There was $111 in the breakfast fund.  Last month, only 59 members were reported because Richard Arthur KG5GZH was erroneously left off the member list.

4. OLD BUSINESS – Report was prepared and read by Vice President Goodson in Smith’s absence.  Motion to accept minutes was made by Jeff KA5IVU and seconded by Jim N5YU.  Motion carried

5. NEW BUSINESS – No new business was introduced.

6. ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE REPORT – Vice President Goodson announced the upcoming, Mena Hamfest, CAREN Hamfest, Main Trading Company Ham Radio Day and the Texas QSO Party in September. 

7. EDUCATION/LICENSING REPORT – Vice President Goodson reported Steve Ferrell KB5YMB was conducting the Technician Test Review/Licensing Classes for the Cass County Patriots at Amigo Juans on Monday nights at 6:00pm.  Goodson announced there would be VE test sessions after every RACC regular club meeting for those needing to test for a new license or to upgrade their current license.  

8. REPEATER REPORT – Jim Collom N5YU reported the RBI was offline until he received parts in the mail to make the repairs. One of the hubs was removed from Cusseta Mtn. because the linking paradigm was changed.  A channel-based selector will be added to the Barkman Creek repeater for redundancy in case of future RBI failures.  The Nashville repeater was getting close to linking to the Freedom Link Group that the RACC is also linked with.  A new repeater was built for the 146.64 repeater in Longview to get it connected to the Freedom Link Group.  A repeater is built for the KA5AHS Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club, and may possibly be temporarily placed at the old Atlanta Fire Station.  

9. COUNTY ARES REPORT – Jason Patterson KD5RQB reported Annex 2 from the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) has been published that outlined the roles for ARES and RACES.  RACES will serve federal agencies (FEMA, e.g.) and ARES will serve local government and non-governmental organizations.  If the RBI is still down on Monday, RACC will skip ARES training next week.

10.  CLOSE – With no other business, Goodson closed the meeting.

After the meeting, Danny Richard KG5ESG expressed his desire to join the ARRL through the club.  He gave me $39 cash, and I took it upon myself to fill out the forms and get them sent off with a $24 money order.  I have $15 to give to Cletus when he gets back, along with $58 collected for breakfast.