RACC Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2015

1.  President Steven Smith W5YME opened the meeting at 9:00am and welcomed guest and members.  He also thanked the breakfast crew for their fine job.

2.  Chaplain Roger Fouse KB5ROD offered the opening prayer.

3.  The minutes from the January meeting were presented.  Jim Collom N5YU made a motion to accept the minutes as read followed by a second from Jerry Goodson W5BFF.  Minutes approved.

4.  Cletus Bauer N5XFB offered the treasure report with a bank balance at $1,462.67.  Jim N5YU reported that the current power supply at the .98 machine site was of ample amperage rating and therefore a new larger supply was not required as earlier presented.

5.  A letter was read by Steven W5YME from the ARRL where we have the option of which section we wish to serve.

6.  A report by Steven W5YME on a coversation with Rick Hall, Tyler Club President, about a possible rotating mini hamfest between clubs along the I-20 & US 59 corridor.  Clarence Shilling WB5BYV gave a brief overview of upcoming bike ride in East Texas scheduled for April 11th and the need for additional assistance.

7.  Steve Ferrell KB5YMB reported on Technician class beginning with 8 students.  He also thanked those helping with the preparation of breakfast.  He also reminded all of the upcoming catfish social sponsored by the Daingerfield group at Catfish Village on March 2nd.

8.  Jim Collom N5YU offered a repeater system report and intruction on how to utilize current and forthcoming link system.

9.  No net report

10.  Jason Patterson KD5RQB sent a letter requesting club approval to apply for the NWS Weather Ambassador program.  A motion was made by Jerry Goodson W5BFF and seconded by Cletus Bauer N5XFB.  Motion carried.

11. No comments

12.  Adjournment by Steven Smith W5YME