RACC Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2015

The Radio Amateurs of Cass County met Saturday, January 17, 2015, beginning with breakfast at Grandy's Restaurant in Atlanta, Texas.  Immediately following breakfast, the group reconvened at the Atlanta Airport in the pilot's lounge for their regular meeting.

Meeting was called to order at approximately 9:15am by President Steven Smith W5YME.  The opening prayer was offered by Chaplain Roger Fouse KB5ROD.

1.  Minutes of the December 2014 RACC were presented.

2.  Cletus Bauer N5XFB gave a current treasure report.  The balance as of January 17 was $1,132.67.

3.  Steven Smith W5YME reported on thoughts of club ARRL affiliation and which division the club may want to work with.

4.  Steven W5YME thanked Roger KB5ROD, Cletus N5XFB, and Carroll KB5TCH for their service to the club and the amateur radio community.

5.  February 17 was set as the date for a technician class to begin.  Steve Ferrell KB5YMB is lead instructor and is arranging a teaching team for the class.  Several members volunteered to assist.

6.  Jim Collom N5YU gave a repeater report and information on how the forthcoming repeater link system operates as well as various repeater control codes.  The Nashville HEAR club has committed to link and Longview is interested in more information.

7.  Steven W5YME reported of weekly net hosted by Roger KB5ROD and weather nets hosted by Jason Patterson KD5RQB.  Also, any members interested in ARES can contact Jason KD5RQB.  The club was reminded of other local area nets and encouraged to participate.

8.  Dues time.  Please submit your member dues to Cletus N5XFB.

9.  Steve KB5YMB made a motion to appoint a committee for retention and recruitment to reach out to licensed operators in Cass County.  Larry Weaver N5THQ seconded the motion and motion carried.  Steve KB5YMB, Larry N5THQ, and Bruce Penny KG5DCK volunteered to be on this committee.

10.  Steve KB5YMB made a motion to allocate $100 for committee use for mail, etc.  Jim N5YU seconded the motion and the motion carried.

11.  A list of considered activities for the club was given out to members.

12.  Jerry Goodson W5BFF made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned.