March 2015

The R.A.C.C. Activities Committee will meet this Friday. I'm confident they will be planning new and exciting Club Events for the remainder of the year.  If you have suggestions, please contact any Activities Committee Member. 
Our Regular Monthly Meeting will be Saturday the 21, beginning 8am at the Atlanta Airport with a pancake breakfast.  Breakfast will be served.......FREE Of Charge.  Come visit, share breakfast and stay for the meeting at 9am.

From The President:

Greetings All!  Although I have not really got “in the groove” of knowing what to do as president of the club, I do appreciate the positive response of action from each of you.  I really feel you have a good slate of leaders for our team which includes our program and activities committee.  I believe the club has good times slatedahead of us. 

As you are learning from your activities committee in this e-mail, these folks are at task and coming up with some great ideas for programs, socials and service.  Two of their items at hand are another breakfast at club meeting this Saturday as well as planning for the ARRL Field Day.  Speaking of the ARRL, I have been in communication with the ARRL several times over the last month and I am completing our club membership and affiliation application with the ARRL.  Our membership with the ARRL  should be current shortly.

Also included in this  e-mail is the report from Steve Ferrell and his Technician Class training course.  I am pleased with the instructors that have assisted this class, the students that are excelling and the VE team lead by Jason Patterson that are testing.  Out of this effort we already have several new and upgraded amateur radio operators !  I won’t steal Steve’s thunder as I will let him report the information on these operatorsJ

I attended Cass County Day at the State Capitol in Austin, TX with a local delegation during the first week in March.  This was both an informative and interesting time to meet with our state Senators and Representatives to find out what is taking place during this legislative session.  I was pleased to hear the direction of actions that Senator Eltife and Representative Pattie are taking to represent us here in North-East Texas.  These folks don’t have many visitors from our “neck of the woods”, so, if you are in the area of the Capitol, please stop by to say HI and let your concerns be known.  During this trip I also had the opportunity to visit with our County Judge Becky Wilbanks and Emergency Management Coordinator Robin Betts.  They were both pleased to hear of the progress of our efforts in creating the beginning of an area wide communications network via RF (ham radio 2 meter/VHF).  They have vowed to assist us further in the future.  If you see them, THANK them for their efforts!

Speaking of the area wide communications, during our recent stormy and wintry weather, the R.A.C.C., Cass County ARES and other area ARES units and radio operators from more than five counties worked together to monitor and report the hazardous conditions to NWS.  We had approximately thirty area radio operators participate in this service.  Thanks to ALL that helped.

A quick note on membership, if you have not had the opportunity to attend or join the club, I hope you will consider doing so.  If you are a member and have not had the opportunity to update your 2015 membership, I hope you will do so as well.  I am very pleased to see several “new faces” that have joined the club, several“old faces” (just joking), previous members, who have re-joined the club as well as our continued members who collectively are the glue that makes this club exist and to move forward together in hobby and service.  I will bring an updated roster to the club meeting Saturday for all to have contact info, etc.  We are right at fortymembers strong at this time.

Our repeaters continue to be updated.  Come and hear about the most recent updates, plans and communications with area clubs.  Let us not forget our HF rigs!  Bring or send questions comments and reports about this communication service as well. 

In closing, I am here to serve.  If you have concerns or comments of any kind, please feel free to contact me at most anytime.  Again, THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE!   

I hope to see you Saturday!

Steven Smith




Clarence says the Four States Amateur Radio Club needs assistance hosting the Ark-La-Tex Challenge Bike Ride.   He says "The Challenge is going to depend a lot on volunteers from the Atlanta(RACC) Club because of the 146.98 repeater and the closeness to Atlanta.  So far from the FSARC, we have Monroe and Ann Lee, David Glenn, Arthur Christy, David Jackson, Jason Spivey, and Me....or about 4 "teams"....need 4 more teams to round it out.  Maybe some teams from theRACC in Atlanta will form....there is still plenty of  time.This event is put on by the Texarkana Resources which is a Non-profit 501c3 organization, just like the FSARC is.  The main objective of the Texarkana Resources is to help people with disabilities to live as normal lives as they can....like a job, live on their own(not in some institution), and not be a burden on anyone.  To help those with disabilities there is some bit of expense involved because of the facilities necessary to train some individuals, vans to carry them places, money to get them started on living a normal life....all this without very much Government funding.  Very similar to what we do in the Radio Club with getting others started in our hobby of Amateur Radio...all without Government funding......well the license/enforcement IS Government funded, if you want to get into detail.  Main thing for us a Radio Club is to support a worth while organization, kinda like the Salvation Army "Doing the Most Good" and as we are a 501c3, we need to do "the Most Good."

For more info please contact: Clarence Shilling,Trustee Four States Amateur Radio Club (WB5BYV) 



Hopefully Clarence will be at Saturday's Meeting and will give more information and answer any questions.

73's and hope to see everyone Saturday for breakfast,

Steve   KB5YMB

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