RACC Meeting Minutes
December 20, 2014

The Radio Amateurs of Cass County met Saturday, 20 December 2014, beginning with breakfast at Grandy's Restaurant in Atlanta, Texas.

Immediately after breakfast, the group reconvened at the Atlanta Airport for their regular meeting.

Meeding was called to order at aproximately 9:15 by President Roger Fouse KB5ROD.

Prayer was offered by Jeff Brown KA5IVU.

a.  First order of old business was to hear modifications to the tentative Club Bylaws and Constitution.  Proposed Bylaws and Constitution were read by Steve Ferrell and with minor amendments, approved and accepted by majority vote.

b.  Club discussed the very successful Club Christmas Party.  There were approximately 27 licensed members, including their family, two visiting members who recently relocated to the Atlanta area and hope to join and several visitors present.

New Business:

a.  Addition of new member, Jerry Goodson W5BFF

b.  Nomination of Officers and Board Members for the year 2015.

Nominations were:

President - Steven Smith W5YME

Vice President - Jerry Goodson W5BFF

Secretary/Treasurer - Cletus D. Bauer N5XFB

Public Service Liaison - Jason Patterson KD5RQB

Trustees:  Roger Fouse KB5ROD, Carroll Johnson KB5TCH, and Linda Smith W5OME

Repeater Trustee - Jim Collom N5YU

Chaplain - Roger Fouse KB5ROD

Assistant Chaplain - Jeff Brown KA5IVU

All the above nominees were elected by acclamation and will take office beginning January 1, 2015.

c.  It was reported the Activities Committee will meet in the near future and announce planned activities for the upcoming year.

d.  Jim Collom N5YU and Steven Smith W5YME reported upgrades to the .98 repeater and progress on the proposed Cussetta Mountain Repeater.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 10am