2016 November Club Meeting

November 19

Ham radio is a fun and rewarding hobby.  It's considered to be the most professional hobby in the world!  While it is not a job, there are aspects of the hobby that takes work... particularly in amateur radio clubs.  The success of a club completely hinges on the amount of participation in its members.  The RACC has seen drastic increases of member participation over the past several years, and the club needs willing participants to lead as it continues to grow.

Your 2016 club officers are:

President Jerry Goodson W5BFF
Vice-President Paul James KG5JTC
Secretary/Treasurer Cletus Bauer N5XFB
Chaplain Roger Fouse KB5ROD (Year 2 of 3-year term)
Assistant Chaplain Jeff Brown KA5IVU (Year 2 of 3-year term)
Repeater Trustee Jim Collom N5YU (Year 2 of 3-year term)

Positions up for election this year are president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer.  The chaplain, assistant chaplain, and repeater trustee serve three-year terms, and 2017 will be the third year for those terms.

The president can be elected to serve three successive terms.  All other officers can serve indefinitely if they are re-elected.

Nominations for office were opened up at the October meeting, and will remain open until just before the election at the November club meeting.

Information about each officer position may be found in the RACC Constitution and Bylaws.